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About the Instructor


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Los Angeles Based Award Winning Filmmaker, Actress & founder of Look Ma Entertainment, Jillian Reeves has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood including George Clooney, Jennifer Anniston, Martin Lawrence, Ellen DeGeneres, Miley Cyrus and more. She has appeared in over 100 TV, Theatrical, and Commercial Productions including hits like Grey's Anatomy, Master's of Sex, CSI, networks including  ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, BET, TVOne & dozens of national commercials including coveted Super Bowl Ads.  Classically trained as an actor she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theater & Speech and studied in Chicago at Roosevelt University for her MFA.  Trained in Stanislavski & Meisner methods and having studying with some of the most renown teacher in Los Angeles including Ivanna Chubbuck, Lesly Kahn & Larry Moss, Jillian uses this depth of knowledge to create individualized training according to each students needs.

Having overcome her own deep regional accent with in-depth Voice & Diction training & IPA she will help you learn to "hear" your own accent and teach you exercises & techniques to help reduce it. 

 Jillian is a lover travel and language and is a certified ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher thru VipdKips (TEFL).  She is currently in Italy studying Italian.

The Pandemic has Changed Hollywood Auditions!


The Industry is in the process of coming back and it’s a new world.  The Global pandemic has changed the way auditions are done.  Zoom is now the actor’s professional home! This means you can audition virtually from anywhere in the world. Now is the time to strengthen your craft, improve your Standard American Accent & practice the evolving world of the on-line audition. Be the actor whose self-tape auditions grabs the attention of every casting director, director, producer, and executive — no matter where in the world you are.

The Signature Class

The Acting, Auditions & Accents class is designed for actors with regional or foreign accents who may have previous acting training and experience and want to prepare for the professional world of auditioning for film and television in Los Angeles.

Instructor: Jillian Reeves
Length of Class: Now 6 weeks! Beginning the week of January 16, 2022
Class Schedule: Offered at various times during the week. Contact for further details.

Ideal for: Actors who are ready to prepare for a career in American TV & Film.

Cost: 400 €/month (or your currency equivalent) 

Prerequisites: Minimum B2/C1 English Required. 


The deposit (100.00) is required to hold your space in class. SPACE IS LIMITED to only 4 people per class. Deposit is 7 days before class start date. Because of the high demand of once the deposit has been charged no refunds are given unless a last minute replacement can be found.

Spots are limited. Maximum of 4 Students per Class.

What to Expect

In these 4 weeks of instruction, we tackle fundamentals of the American Accent, Strengthening your Acting Technique & Professional Auditioning Skills.  


1. Accent Reduction – We will go over the most common difficult sounds for your native accent versus the Standard American Accent and techniques on how to improve them.   You will continue to practice & strengthen your American in accent in each audition performance for 4 weeks.  


2. Audition Techniques (you will receive an audition piece from an American TV show each week to perform) including:


  • How to use the page – Actors tend to fight against using their script and therefore spend most of their audition up in their head trying to remember the half memorized lines. When this happens you can never be open and available to what is coming from the other person.

  • Imagination: The imagination muscle is key to creating the story that is written on the page. Many actors tend to rely on substitution which leaves them empty when the situation is outside of their personal experience. Carla spends extensive time over the 4 weeks teaching actors how to create story using their imagination.

  • Specifics: Learn how not to take things in the script for granted. All the clues you need are on the page. You just have to learn how to find it.

  • Style & Pacing:
    Drama & Comedy: single camera and multi-camera… learn the difference.

  • Close-up: how to tell the story and live fully with minimal movement.


3. Self-Tapes:   Self-tapes are the future of auditioning. With the pandemic almost all casting has switched to virtual!  Learn how to produce quality self-tapes and audition from anywhere in the world.

4. Mock Audition:  In our last class we do a Mock Audition just like you would have with a Casting Director in LA.  You will Slate, audition, receive redirection and we will review your progress in the final class!  


5. The Business of Acting: I will teach you important aspects of the business of acting.  Update your resume, Where to find auditions, how to get an agent, headshots, reels & more.


6. Bonus Session:  Our last class will include Q&A from a Hollywood Manager!  Bring your questions and get ready to network!

The Platform

Zoom is the perfect platform for this work together.  Each week you’ll work in the virtual space online via Zoom, on camera, addressing auditions and self-tapes.  Each week you’ll get real-world input, and tackle all of the audition and self-tape challenges and pitfalls, along with learning ways in which to free your work and show up fully on-camera.  The material you work on will be a variety of scenes chosen by you and/or your teachers.  The work will be taped and sent to you for your review.  And you’ll also do some self-taping at home and bring it in for review and coaching.  Here you get to do it all!

All Available Classes  

Classes will have a maximum of 4 students to ensure each student gets individual attention. Classes meet weekly via Zoom.

4 Week SIGNATURE Class

375€ / $405



Cyber Sale - 318€ / $344

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Learn & practice the basics of the American Accent: The "shwa"; vowels; difficult to pronounce consonant clusters; rhythm;, intonation; & ear training.  We will apply this knowledge to as you learn audition technique while working on scenes from Holllywood TV Shows & Films.  Includes 4 classes & materials.

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**Bonus 6th week includes a Q&A with Hollywood Manger

 *Level B2/C1 English Required.

4 Week ONGOING Class

250€ / $280

Build on the accent skills you learned in the Intro class as we continue to hone your acting and audition skills using scenes from Holllywood TV Shows & Films.  Includes 4 classes & materials.

Prerequisite: SIGNATURE class.

 *Level B2/C1 English Required.

225€ / $255

Professional Public Speaking
4 Weeks Accent Reduction & Language Only

Great option to improve your English language skills, reduce your accent & have more confidence for Voiceovers or Public Speaking.

 *Level B2/C1 English Required.

Single Session 1.5 hour Session

75€ / $99

Great option if you have an audition piece or presentation for work and you want to improve your performance and/or reduce your accent.

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